Batman - The Dark Knight: Movie Review Up

Gotham City is moving at a leisurely pace. To manage the affairs of law and order, the city has a new District Attorney Harvey Dent, played by veteran of many films from the top, Aaron Eckhart. Lt. James Gordon believes the city has no work for him and Bruce Wayne is busy with the Corporation, taking his role as Batman - El Salvador of the people - by chance. Calm before the storm? Joker, a role made to perfection by Heath Ledger worthy of the best rated movies, strikes. A bank is robbed in Gotham City.

The beginning is electrifying, almost like thunder. And not only disturbed the peace of its citizens, but also shakes the mob bosses of the city - Sal Maroni, frolic and Chechens. Joker comes to them and offers them protection against Batman, paper and recorded by Christian Bale, the adjustment of the top 10 films - the only force that was feared. Shaken, I think the mafia is too much of an insult to accept the offer of Joker. That can take care of your business and your mafia. How wrong they are. Joker strikes again. This time kills romp - one of the leaders of the most powerful mafia - and takes care of his band. This is one side of the coin.

Batman strikes quickly and the forces of Lau, the Chinese Mafia accountant, to testify against the Joker and Gordon, well played by Gary Oldman, star of many films capable of the most valued, is able to catch the crowd, but Joker escapes. In retaliation, the Joker warns the authorities that will kill the innocent masses if Batman does not reveal his identity. The Administration does not agree that killing the High Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb. An attempt on the life of the mayor is frustrated by Gordon and shot him. Harvey is revealed as Batman to create a diversion, while Gordon - who had faked his death - draws Joker and with the help of Batman is able to stop the Joker. That's the other side of the coin.

When it seems that the sides of the coin is over-Nolan cleverly opens the third side of the coin.

Interesting? Hold? Grabbing your interest? That is what intelligent filmmaking is all!

Rachel and tested by Maggie Gyllenhaal, a veteran of many of the top 10 films, has been missing and Harvey. Joker - custody - reveals its location. Both are on both sides of the city, in buildings that will explode simultaneously. Batman goes to Rachel, while Gordon with his strength going to Harvey. Both late - Rachel died in the explosion and Harvey has half of his face puzzled, but survives. An explosion at the police station and Lau Joker helps to escape. At the hospital, Harvey has a visitor on the Joker who convinces him to go to those responsible for the death of Rachel. Tossing a coin, Harvey agrees that the currency has brought to trust the Joker. The Joker has a busload of hostages and blows to the hospital. Harvey Two-Face, as it has come to be known, begins his revenge for the killing Maroni and others.

Joker puts the passenger hostages on board two ferries with explosives. The problem is that to survive, the passengers of a ferry shuttle to fly the other. However, the passengers refused to fly together. Joker ploy fails and is arrested. It reveals that Harvey was corrupted by it, but could not corrupt Batman.

Finally, the currency has served its purpose - can not have four sides. Right, but may have a fourth dimension. Intelligent directors like Nolan storytellers always have an ace up his sleeve and makes the adjustment for the top films.

The fourth dimension is Two-Face. He has taken Gordon's family hostage at the top of the building where Rachel died. He will decide the fate of the son of Batman and Gordon, with three coin tosses. Two shots of Batman and the third for the child. After the first two turns shooting Batman, but before he can turn the third time addressed in Batman, wearing armor and was not affected by the shooting.

Harvey was corrupt should not be public unless people lose faith in the system. To keep people's faith in the system intact, Batman takes the blame for all the murders committed by Harvey and tarnish its image in the eyes of the people of Gotham City.

A director can not take such risks, especially a hero the likes of Batman. However, Nolan does and does Batman, The Dark Knight. One thing that can be done with this movie - find a flaw. Warner Bros. production, direction of Christopher Nolan, Cinematography by Wally Pfister - everything is in proper proportion - like a Swiss chocolate cake. If you miss it in theaters, do not deserve to see.