Film is a reflection of society?

Film in general is not an accurate reflection of society. It is greatly exaggerated in the movies. Some examples are the scenes of acrobatics performed by the hero defeats the villains whole gang just anyone. This is completely unreal. Similarly, the songs and the duets are imaginary to the core. If two people love each other, then the sequence of the song will be in some foreign nation, but real, none of this takes place.

Ultimately film is divided into three categories targeted to low-income, middle income group and high-income group. Consider a middle-income group in our society. There are a lot of issues that arise in their daily lives. Normally, the man of the family goes to a job, wins and extends to the whole family in most cases. There are a lot of problems here, but the film shows the real situation of running a family, but all movies young white and 90% of movies based on love stories.

Film is a bargain. A producer spends millions of rupees in making a movie and expect great gains in the film. Therefore, if the cinema reflects society fully, not the movie becomes a blockbuster. Take, for example, all the real-life stories of Gandhi, Periyar, etc. They are a great failure taking into account the box office. The cinema is the marketing and there is a small reflection of society in the movies where the characters are real in society. All the characters in the film is based society and are widespread.

Therefore, it would be appropriate to conclude that society is a reflection of the film as most movies are aimed at young people who visit the cinema regularly and portray their heroes in real life film. The cinema is just a generalization of the society with great hype and film is basically a story, some real but exaggerated to meet audience expectations.