Going to the movies in Sweden

Sweden is a small country with about nine million inhabitants, but with a vibrant film community. Every year something like 35 Swedish film released in the cinema, but very few of them reaches the audience it takes to reach equilibrium with production costs. Some movies make their money on the DVD in place and, unfortunately, many economic losses result

The number of cinema visits in Sweden amounts to approximately fifteen million dollars per year. Only twenty percent of them, three million dollars, go to the Swedish film. This means that most Swedish films have very few spectators.

The largest film company, SF, have not yet been digitized most of its its projectors, while the alternative small Folkets Bio (Cinema Village), has invested in digital equipment to bring new films to smaller towns more quickly, not having to print the screen too much. However, it was early on when the technology was chosen, and distributors of Hollywood will not let them screen their films because they consider that it lacks quality. It is more or less the same quality as when selecting 35 mm film, but Hollywood studios wanted a higher quality when upgrading to digital technology.

This seems to be a good opportunity for bio Folkets to screen more Swedish films, and other countries as well. But it seems that has not really changed its scheduling policy. Continue to screen films from the festival, as before, and some movies (mainly the U.S. and France) which earned very good reviews.

So, although I'm not a big fan of movies promoted festival, I must say that the small niche festivals seems the best way to reach non-English movies rather made the audience of the country of origin of a public international organization the festival, so I hope that no Swedish film festivals to help a little more of these movies 30 to 40 years to find an audience.