Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The Dubai International Film Festival

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) was launched in December 2004 under the theme "Bridging Cultures. Minds meeting," noting the willingness of organizations to promote the film through understanding and mutual respect between different communities and nations .

In 2006, the festival has launched the Muhr Award for excellence in Arab cinema, in order to recognize the world's Arab filmmakers both regionally and internationally. In 2008, the Muhr Award have been expanded to include films from Africa and Asia.

Held in Dubai, the UAE capital, DIF has a budget comparable to the Cannes Film Festival and now, thanks to its market for films and various symposia and workshops, an important event for film professionals from around the world. Other art exhibitions and performances include feature films, documentaries and shorts. The festival includes several other non-competitive sections dedicated to the film at the cinema in particular, children and animation. Tributes are also given each year to important figures in cinema.

Although there is no red carpet or the presence of Hollywood stars, the festival has quickly gained legitimacy through an artistic team of selectors and consultants of international repute, whose directors he worked for other major film festivals size as Rotterdam and London. A sign of this legitimacy was evident when the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) became a member of the party after the 2008 edition.

Dubai has rapidly gained a worldwide reputation as a very wide host a major annual international film festival. Do not miss this festival if ever in the area of ??Dubai.