Plus Size Cinema - 8 Movies that every woman should see the size

Plus size women have been completely abandoned and abused by Hollywood. But times are changing. Full-figured women are popping up everywhere in movies from now on and a triple role. While some of the films on this list are clearly better than others, none of them were elected to any kind of cinematic genius. They are listed as dealing with the problems faced by women as well as the size of a human form. The characters are real people. They are more than a fat girl joke. So grab some popcorn and make it a movie night.

1. Real Women Have Curves (2002) - America Ferrera plays Ana, a Mexican-American teenager trying to find their way. The story explores family dynamics, ambition, body image issues, and more. Follow Ana when it enters into womanhood, the search for identity and struggle for mesh belief systems of others with it.

2. Shag The Movie (1989) - This film happy together in the summer of 1963 follows a group of four friends who intend to have children one last adventure before the next wedding of one of the members. Caroline, nicknamed "Pudge" is a chubby girl who loves to dance. While his friends are frustrated all weekend, Pudge makes peace with herself, she meets a man, and cormorants' til your heart is happy.

3. Last Holiday (2006) - Queen Latifah plays Georgia Byrd, a large woman who lives life on the sidelines until they find you have a terminal illness. Georgia soon began to make at least some of their dreams before they die. She takes the ride of your life, eat with abandon, and it puts itself to-die-makeover, among other things.

4. Phat Girlz (2006) - Ah ... what about this movie? Well, certainly the worst of the bunch in my opinion. The film is not great, the jokes are crude, and many of the attitudes expressed in it are contrary to everything I believe in. However, there are definitely some worthwhile aspects. Jasmine, the main character is an intelligent woman with business acumen. Her struggle with weight and self-acceptance is very touching. Displays different cultural beliefs about weight. And all men are apt to dispel the myth that only fat people are attracted to fat women. That's pretty cool to see it at least once in the cable.

5. Camp (2003) - Teens attend a performing arts camp. While the majority of all the characters struggle to figure out who they are, support for me is Jenna. Jenna jaws are connected closed for most of the film, a commitment to avoid fat camp, but when he finally confronts his overbearing fathers ... all worth it.

6. Circle of Friends (1995) - This film tells the dynamics of a single peer group in 1950 in Ireland. Benny, our heroine with curves, the experiences of the ups and downs of love and betrayal. It shows the strength and balance along where others fall incredibly short.

7. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) - In this sequel, we see overly analytical chubby Bridget to usual antics in their relationships and life. Funny and poignant, the film is worth watching if for no other reason of a scene: ". In high esteem by his wobbly bits "Bridget is dressed with a sheet, groping until her boyfriend says he has

8. Hairspray (2008)-While I was captivated by the previous version, the last stole my heart. It's great to see women who are more than just a little chubby find self-acceptance and happiness. You must love all the singing, dancing, and the pride of sizes abound. And I just can not beat John Travolta in the resistance!

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