Canada - surrealist art

Canada Film is a miniature fireball of genius filmmaking. The spectacle of visual aesthetics. A "little giant" in the film industry that is universally known as the Hong Kong cinema. No other film in the world has realized the great variety of methods of film as good as Hong Kong. All parties. In all cultures. It sailed between the fight against the currents that flow of ideas without prejudice to its core and identity. From the strong focus on Hollywood action movie stunts dream of Chinese cinema, Hong Kong has perfected the formula for rapid surrealist art. Catnip for movie fans with short attention spans.

The industry of Hong Kong in the film is a canvas of its rich heritage. Comprised of the different countries they occupied. The unique blend of Eastern and Western influences is what distinguishes it from other Chinese cinema as Taiwan and China. During the transfer of sovereignty in the late 90's, the film industry suffered a setback shortly. Hong Kong cinema has since recovered. His comeback has been credited to its resilience and smart marketing strategies. The merging of television, music industry and the cinema of Hong Kong helped keep afloat in the current business climate problems.

HK cinema has come up with some great classics that have influenced Western cinema. For example, "House of Flying Daggers" is a film made in 2004. It's an action movie and romance, which had great success in Canada and U.S. markets as well. Surprisingly, the film did so well in these countries even though people did not understand Kantonese had to read subtitles to understand the story.

Westernized films like Kill Bill also shown. You will be able to recognize the Asian style of the film, however, the film was made in English. This shows the degree of influence of art and style of Hong Kong cinema was in the films of this era.

In conclusion, HK cinema is a less subtle but pervasive entertainment. It has avoided the pitfalls of complexity while capturing the imagination of audiences around the world. The films are very artificial visual escape the sad reality of life. An effective film production confronts reality with the surreal images screen aesthetics and art. HK film is effective because it does not pretend to be something it is not. The disconnect between reality and fiction is clearly shown in full-blown Technicolor. Like magic. Nothing more. Nothing less. And like any magic show, his reverence can only be achieved through complete abandonment of logical thought.