Batman - The Dark Knight

"Not that I am underneath, but what defines me." Batman tells Rachel Dawes and the history of The Dark Knight takes place in the heart of darkness has been unsettling perennial Gotham.

One of the great century superheroes, Batman is very different in many aspects of other celebrities from the publisher DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and even for that matter. A bat, Batman is Bruce Wayne on the fight with his own fear that kept him awake at night, and the death of his parents at the hands of a ruthless criminal of Gotham street. Contrary to popular belief, Batman is not driven by a burning desire for revenge, but by the desire to do justice. But make no mistake, Batman is indeed to rid the society, and the streets of Gotham City, from every evil imaginable.

It's a fascinating story of a man living two different lives: Bruce Wayne as the heir to the throne of Wayne, playboy, super rich and super talented philanthropist and as Batman, the ultimate weapon against crime that rises from the depths of the night and melts into the shadows. With the unconditional support unlikely, but from Alfred Pennyworth, the butler of confidence from his family, has been a source of inspiration for many who have learned to fight their deepest, darkest fears.

Batman made his first appearance in Detective Comics # 27 in May 1939, and what makes him stand apart (then and even now), other superheroes like Superman or Spider-man, is the fact that he has no super powers. This is one reason why people have been able to relate to the bat more than 60 years long and adventurous. Batman is flesh and blood as much as his next door neighbor and the only weapons he has are a high level of intelligence (perhaps not very different from today's geeks?), Higher education of martial arts that includes the Combat teaches shadow ninjas, and some toys as big as the Batmobile, Batarang, Batgyro, bat signal and utility belt ever promising. But that's not all, one of the greatest features of Bruce Wayne is that he is truly a master detective and can disappear into the shadows with the ability of the greatest ninjas.

Of course there are a hero, there will be villains. Since 1939, Batman has fought many bad men / women, but the villain of his career would be the famous Joker, played by Heath Ledger being in the upcoming movie - Batman: The Dark Knight, a role also became popular by Jack Nicholson . Other popular villains Batman's career include Catwoman (played by Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton film), The Penguin and Two-Face.

In The Dark Knight, Batman raises the stakes in his war against crime. While effectively dismantle organized crime, Batman faces a new lethal force, soon to be known by the people horrified by the city of Gotham as The Joker.