There is hope for Bangla Film achieve acceptance in the world of Bollywood

When a non-indigenous asked about Indian films, most likely he will think of Bollywood. This is the challenge facing Bangla movie now - to be recognized throughout the world, unlike the film industry of Hindi language based in Mumbai.

Obviously, the Bengali film industry can not compete in terms of striking successes and budget. The budget of Rs 3 crores and is considered very expensive for a Bangla film, while other films in other regional and Bollywood cinema has an average expenditure of Rs 40 crores per film, with the most expensive budgets reach Rs 100 crores .

Therefore, Bangla natok should stick to its main strengths and skills strong script and plots of the authors and storytelling techniques masterful directors. Clearly, one can not rely on star power provided by the actors and actresses alone. It is worth remembering that the best films of Bangla as the Apu Trilogy, were made with a budget.

Apart from a narrow plot simple but effective narration, now Bangla filmmakers should make films that evoke the Bengali culture, atmosphere and character if the language of the film is in Bengali, Hindi, or English. Especially effective is the contemporary romance and fast-paced action movies starring younger actors. This technique will work as evidenced by the success of the film director Sandip Ray when contemporized the plot of his films. To make matters worse, directors and producers should also reach the festival circuit not only more funds but also to present quality works Bangla to foreign markets.

There are indications that the industry can compete Bengali. He is currently finding its way to the re-emergence of the dark ages of the 80 and 90. Since 2008, some 700 of the 800 movie theaters nationwide were the Bangla films. If this trend continues, Bangla cinema can be on par with Bollywood in terms of exposure and acceptance, for the first time in the domestic market and followed by the rest of the world.