Best Romance movies to see a man

This is a plea to all men out there to his beloved wife or girlfriend please let us compromise on the best romantic movies to watch. We, the men sat through the movie overboard and Fifty First Dates, maybe I should explain more about the issue.

It is a fact that women dress to please others better men and women dress their best to please women. With this in mind more or less men will do anything to please women. Even cheesy romance movies with our favorite girl. "Caramel" movies that men never see for themselves and definitely never with friends.

Of course, we, the people will say yes to a romantic movie with you, but you ladies should understand that men (and I think I speak for most of us) have a limited attention span when it comes to movies. If the movie does not have a car chase, shoot out, much blood and gore, outrageous comedy or a bikini or two male mind drifting elsewhere. Which reminds me, please do not ask any questions about the romantic movie we just saw.

So what say that in our next choice of the best romance movie that we commit and go for a romance / comedy or romance / action or romance / comedy / action? Bikinis are not a priority!

Actually, I really like the movie overboard and Fifty First Dates, but along with those who have any other suggestions of the best romantic movies list here ....

Mar - 1987

Starring: Kurt Russell as Dean Proffitt, Goldie Hawn as Joanna Stayton. Also Michael Hagerty, Edward Herrmann, Katherine Helmond.

Joanna Stayton filthy rich snob and her husband Grant Stayton III of the land of his yacht in a small port in Oregon. Joanna, the darling hire one of the villagers to build a closet on his yacht. Dean Proffitt built the cabinet, discussed with Joanna and the yacht began, unpaid and little disturbed. Suddenly, Mrs. Stayton falls overboard and nobody notices yachts. With a bad case of amnesia found Joanna Stayton then put on local television. Struggling carpenter Dean Proffitt is the opportunity for revenge and children sitting at the same time convinces Mrs. Stayton rich that her name is Annie Proffitt and she is his wife, also a mother of four obnoxious. Proffitt plan works for a while before she recalls. Very funny, you gotta see the movie.

Romancing the Stone - 1984

Starring: Michael Douglas as Jack Colton and Joan Wilder Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito as Ralph.

With a map of mystery in the hand of a romance novelist Joan Wilder flies from New York and ends in the rural jungle of Colombia. Almost killed by locals Zolo, who are led by a corrupt Colombian police, and is saved by a kind of American hero adventurer, Jack T. Colton. Jack Joan agrees to take back to civilization, to safety with added obstacles, like an emerald of the most wanted, the map of mystery and a con man named Ralph, who is fashionable in its path. This exciting adventure jungle walk gives a lot of action, comedy and romance.

Always - 1989

Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, John Goodman, Holly Hunter.

Steven Spielberg directs this romantic fantasy film about a firefighter who dies in an air accident, leaving a very upset girlfriend. The pilot returns as a ghost and helps a novice to be the best pilot fighting the fire, but the rookie girl falls for the dead pilots. A very moving film, but it also has action and comedy.

Fifty First Dates - 19

Starring: Adam Sandler as Henry Roth, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Whitemore, Sean Astin and Blake Clark as Lucy's brother and father and Rob Schneider.

Out of the best romantic movies to watch this one leans more towards the lady making the male. The comedy certainly helps that the man likes too.

Hawaiian paradise carefree womanizer Henry Roth meets Lucy Whitemore and beats him with her immediately. The next day, see Henry, Lucy remembers nothing. She has a loss of short-term memory. Father and brother of Lucy recreate every day just for her birthday and all. Every day is repeated again and again like a brand new day. Good fun and romantic movie together.

The proposal - 2009

Starring: Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton and Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate, Craig T. Nelson, Mary Steenburgen, Betty White.

Margaret Tate is a strict editor for a publisher in New York. The Canadian Margaret faces deportation because his visa expired and decides to marry her assistant Andrew Paxton slave in the promise of a promotion, to be agreed. Humor, funny, awkward, a great comedy movie romance.

Wedding Crashers - 2005

Starring: Owen Wilson as John Beckwith, Vince Vaughn as Jeremy Grey, Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, Christopher Walken.

John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are lifelong friends and business partners as mediators of divorce. These two share a unique hobby hard. They crash weddings from all walks of life and religions. Having fun and meeting girls free is what its all about. Research for the wedding by shock, John and Jeremy end up in a matter where they are lavished on rich daughters, Claire and Gloria Cleary and fall course in love with them. This then leads to a state of Grand Island in which these girls live. That's where the trouble starts and the lies of John and Jeremy "wedding guest" are not working. More comedy than romance in this movie hilarious. I would say this film is teetering towards a film type.

OK, Wedding Crashers may be on the border of being a romantic movie or not. However, first dates and fifty water film definitely falls within the parameters of one of the best romance movies. Check out any of these movies with your loved one in any romantic evening. I'm sure you will not regret.

Cheers, Serge film.