Changing Batman Costumes

The 2008 film, Batman: The Dark Knight, gives comic book fans the seventh installment of the Bat film. The star, Christian Bale is the fifth and final player to use the super cool Batman's cape and mask.

Eversince the first film version of Batman in 1966, fans noted the evolution of Batman costumes, which began as a tight fabric that has now changed modernized body armor first in the 1989 film Batman . However, even modern versions of the Batman costume have noticeable variants. The different versions of the Batman costume is fun for fans of the Halloween season and the harvesting of the convention.

Adam West Batman Costume

The first movie Batman costume was worn by Adam West. Perhaps your version is easier to recognize, as it was also used throughout the television series in the 1960's. The suit was made of blue-gray cloth. The mask and the layer of skin was bluish-black color. The bat emblem yellow and black centered squarely in the chest. Batman also wore the yellow utility belt to retrieve equipment, as needed. Adam West's suit has the distinction of being the original Batman costume.

Michael Keaton Batman Costume

When he saw the side of Batman, who was 23 years later in 1989 with Michael Keaton. The new Batman costume was noticeably more black armor, with the exception of the bat emblem of yellow and black tool belt and yellow. The body armor purchased an abdominal muscle wavy midsection giving this movie Batman some resemblance to the image of a Batman comic book magnificently muscular.

A notable trait of this Batman costume was the limitation of mobility. The Batman's fluid moves can not be achieved with ease unlike the comic books. Somersaults and acrobatic moves were out of the question due to the stiffness of the suit. In fact, the actor was barely able to turn his head to look around.

BATMAN AND ROBIN COSTUME (also known as Batman George Clooney)

Batsuit overall remains the same in Batman Returns (1992) and Batman Forever (1995). The biggest changes came in 1997 when George Clooney starred in Batman & Robin. The film mocked the fans often cite the inability to clearly say Arnold Schwarzenegger and the plot lines disconnected. Many noted that it was more faithful to the Batman camp in 1960, still had plenty of followers.

Bat suit took on a more prominent armored striking pads and chest plate. In addition, the bat emblem on the chest and removes the yellow color was a dark, black on black patch. Finally, to further mock the movie, Batman's costume shows her nipples. The nipples! This version is often described as nefariously fetish of all Batman costumes.


In 2005, eight years after Batman & Robin, another Batman movie was released. At that time, fans were disappointed with the 1997 film that they were ready for a "reboot" is now an accepted term for a do-over badly made film. It's not a sequel.

This time, Christian Bale was the new star and the bat suit evolved some more. The costume Dark Knight ended any semblance of a human torso and became a true armor. The bat emblem remains of the last version in black on black. In fact, all armor is black with a tool belt than Batman. However, it also changed to a more metallic gold mate.

The new armor design, though recognizable as Batman, signals a departure from the 1960 Batman camp of the darkest character first shown in 1989 Michael Keaton portrait. The film revived interest in Batman. Ultimately, this could very well be the right direction for DC Comics, as it is falling behind in the count of blockbuster superhero movies.