How to enjoy a movie with subtitles - A starting point

For most of us, any movie with subtitles is an immediate turn-off. We do not like reading. This means that we really like reading in the cinema.

This is quite unfortunate, because no English-speaking countries are becoming one of the best cinemas in the world. In the recently passed-filmmaker Ousmane Sembene in Africa, a respected Iran's Kiarostami, Abbas, with the revival of Romanian cinema of directors like Cristian Mungiu, and movies celebrate Asia, among others, Wong Kar Wai or Tsai Ming-liang, no is a wealth of entertainment and education to be had from-you guessed-movies with subtitles.

But how can you, who hates to read, learn to see and enjoy these films and filmmakers? Well, here are two tips to help you get started.

1. Do not read!

As I'm sure you know, the films were initially silent. To tell their stories, which was based on visual information: acting, design, editing. They were usually accompanied by live music, so it made the sound in some sense, but the sound was secondary and was not dialogue.

All narrative films of today evolved from these silent films and his way of telling stories. Many of the agreements are still around.

Therefore, even today, in a good movie dialogue is secondary. You can build the story, but not vital. The main objective is visual. So when you're watching a movie with subtitles, do not pay much attention to the subtitles. Movie of the experience as something to be seen. Sure, your eye wanders all from time to time to get the gist of what they say, but do not focus on the written word!

2. Do your reading before their observation

Most people find movie reviews to decide what to watch. I suggest something more to foreign films: Search for them to understand the basic plot and context. Use the IMDB, the Technical Specifications section, Rotten Tomatoes, Allmovie, Google, whatever. Do not take more than fifteen minutes, and you will be rewarded with a richer visual experience. A trailer works sometimes, too.

But I ask, not that spoil the plot? Probably. And it should! Do not let the distractions of Hollywood plot spoil your foreign film. Once you know the basics of the story, do not feel cheated by the expectations of the theft. Instead of paying attention to what happens, pay attention to how it occurs, and how they are displayed. That's what separates the good from the bad film.

Indeed, the alleged superior quality of a foreign film is not just a kind of snobbery cinema. Is implicit. Not all films are subtitled and available in the English speaking world, and only the best are. Subtitles, therefore, are a type of filtering. Only the cream comes in.

Give foreign films, subtitled films, a chance. It's a whole new world of the movie. However, it also is slightly different to what we're used to seeing. Therefore, subtitled see things in their own terms. And the use of these two councils as an entry point. You will not be disappointed.