A Primer Popular Batman and Robin costumes that you can use

Batman was introduced in 1939 and shortly after Batman costumes became popular. Robin costumes of various kinds were and are also popular, and many of the Batman villains popular dress up options as well. What has really made these costumes popular television series is 1960, still playing in reruns in many markets, and the series of recent Batman films that have had considerable box office success. My first costume was Batman in the 1960's and my mother has a funny picture.

Why Batman is so popular? After all, even smart rich and strong, that does not have superpowers like Superman, can not climb like Spiderman, and despite his cloak, he certainly can not fly well. He is just an ordinary human being, but a talented and determined. This may be exactly why it is so popular. It's just a human being like you and me He's much easier to relate to someone from another planet, a genetic freak, or someone with superpowers.

There are several styles of Batman costumes available and you can also just make your own if you wish. My favorites are in the style of the 1960 television series, usually in a gray suit and black or light blue. The Dark Knight Batman costumes are equally popular and black.

Robin costumes vary widely, partly because there have been three Robins. Although most people remember the original Robin, Dick Grayson, the "retired" and was replaced by a number of other Robins. The last and final Robin was an attractive woman, hence the proliferation of Robin Costumes for women, but many women found the male Robins much more attractive than the Batman himself, as his dark disturbing nature is not universally attractive or sexy.

Robin's costume red and green with a gold belt and black color layer and in the television series is my favorite and the most colorful. DC Comics style is also popular. It is similar, but darker green instead of bright green and more festive, and the layer is also substantially higher. Perhaps the least popular, although striking, is the red and black costume from the movie Batman and Robin 1997.

Let's talk about women separately, as Robin costume just consider using one or the other. It is almost always red and green with a yellow belt and black boots. Although not especially revealing, always have this property and a lot of legs.